Teaching Philosophy

Politics and lived experiences are intertwined, so I encourage students to apply politics to their own experiences. I practice a feminist participatory pedagogy that pushes students to acknowledge their assumptions about themselves and about international politics to promote awareness of the richness and complexity of political issues, cultures, and groups. I aim to lead students to understand the actors and mechanisms in international politics and to develop knowledge and empathy as citizens in a globalized world. My classroom is open and inclusive, and I adapt my teaching techniques to students’ diverse learning styles and backgrounds while cultivating their interest about the world. Furthermore, I design my classes with students’ interests in mind to ground their knowledge in an understanding that politics is embedded in the world around them.

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Classes and Syllabi

Global Environmental Politics (spring 2022 + 1x)

Gender and Conflict (spring 2022 + 2x)

Model United Nations, experiential (spring 2022 + 1x)

International Political Economy (fall 2021 + 2x)

Theories of Peace and Conflict (fall 2021 + 1x)

Introduction to World Politics (fall 2021 + 7x)

Model Diplomacy, experiential (fall 2021 + 1x)

International Organizations and Law (spring 2021 + 1x)

Africa in the World (fall 2020)

First-Year Seminar: Ethics of Humanitarianism (fall 2019)

Modern African Politics (fall 2018)

Introduction to International Relations (spring 2018 + 3x)

U.S. Foreign Policy (spring 2018 + 1x)

The "Human" in IR: Security and Intervention (fall 2017)

International Development Strategies and NGOs, graduate level (fall 2017)

A blog written in collaboration with my Modern African Politics class in Fall 2018. Political economy, identity, security and development, plus recipes from around the continent. We're Ghana educate you!